Reach Your Potential






The Personal Premium Training Package is suited for any athlete wanting to achieve their goals in triathlon, with this package you will get a bespoke training plan which will be structured to your own personal needs, from a beginner to a race winner, this package will prepare you for the specific demands of your fitness and race goals.

With this package, you will get a service above and beyond. The sole focus is helping you reach your potential as an athlete and continue your love for the sport with lots of success.


The Coach – Alex Foster

I am a British Triathlon Qualified Coach and bring a lot of triathlon knowledge as an experienced athlete, I have raced the range of distances from sprint to full triathlons and covered many types of triathlon courses in the uk and also international competitions, as a coach this has allowed me to have the knowledge to structure the training needed to achieve personal goals to the specifics of each race.

I will help you plan out a full season of racing, focusing on the events that matter most to you and ensuring you are in peak fitness to race them. My main goal is to help you be the best you can be and bring success to you as an athlete and person. Success could range from winning a race to the achievement of completing an event for the first time as a beginner.


The Package

  • Bespoke weekly Training Plan

  • We aim the get the most out your time available 

  • Female training structured around personal menstrual cycle

  • Training Plan delivered via Training Peaks

  • Training Peaks Premium account (additional £10, usual monthly cost £14.90)

  • Daily Training Plan Adjustments if and when needed

  • Daily email detailing next 48 hours of training session instructions

  • Sessions built with zone, power, pace detail and available to upload for smart training (Zwift, Trainer Road, etc..)

  • Unlimited contact with coach 

  • Plan reviewed every 2 weeks to keep progression continued 

  • Race season planning and Goal setting

  • Nutritional advice

  • Fitness / performance testing

  • Advice on race execution

  • Access to Tri Fit Team Kit and sponsor advantages

  • Regular team group sessions using Zwift 


Your Training Plan will be delivered using “Training Peaks”, within your plan you will have detailed descriptions of sessions which will be planned out in an easy to view calendar format. Sessions will individually be built and be available to upload as tcx files and used with smart trainers on training platforms like Zwift, Trainer Road, etc...






The Training Peaks platform that is used to plan and communicate between coach and athlete excels on making life simple, using this platform means as a coach I can analyse data and give direct feedback within the training session notes, this allows full understanding for you as an athlete on how the session was performed.

Training Peaks allows coach and athlete to see current fitness, fatigue and freshness within the performance management chart, also a new addition to the platform is individual performance achievements within the sessions, this will show how well you performed compared to you best powers, pace, heart rate etc…


This Training Plan will be specific to your goal event and will take into account your current fitness, home life, work life and time available to train.

There will be an initial athlete consultation questionnaire followed by a pre-training plan phone conversation to fully discuss your goals and expectations based on your answers, along with your current approach to training. This enables me to build a detailed view of your experience and lifestyle, ensuring the plans will perfectly match your needs.


Price : £90 per block (4 weeks)

Initial consultation : free


personal premium package

get the most out of your training

training peaks charts




The 6 week rolling package is the next best thing to the Tri Fit personal premium package.


This package maintains a level of coach / athlete communication which is my key philosophy as a coach, and over the duration of the 6 week cycle, allows progressively structured training which is tailored around your life as an individual. 

This plan is most suited to an athlete requiring guidance and basic understanding of there training.

The 6 week Rolling plan has been developed to give the benefits of having coach contact but at a lower cost to the Premium coaching package.

(if you find your training requires weekly adjustments due to work or life commitments, then the Tri Fit Premium package is more suited for you) 


How it works

After the initial consultation, information will be gathered to gain an understanding of you as an athlete, your availability to train and the events you are targeting to compete in.

Once all the information needed is in place, the 6 week build of bespoke structured sessions will be delivered directly to your Training Peaks account.

At the end of the 6 weeks, sessions will be analysed and feedback given.

  • Week 1 to 3 - progressive sessions 

  • Week 4 - reduced stress (recovery)

  • Week 5 - repeat and better week 3 key workouts 

  • Week 6 - Testing progression

We work on the understanding that adaptions from a session takes between 10 - 14 days with a good structure and correct recovery. This means that within the 6 week process, you are expected to experience the positive effects from the work done in weeks 1 to 3, during the test week in week 6.

Test week is made up of session which act as quality workouts in themselves. This week helps set you up for the next 6 week block and also provides confidence that training is progressing well.


Communication and Analysis

Feedback, session analysis and communication is all made in the final few days of the 6 week training block. 

Session analysis is applied with direct feedback within the individual key sessions throughout the 6 week period of training completed. It is massively beneficial if post session feedback comments are made by the athlete and communication can be enhanced between athlete and coach precise to that session.


The Plan 

  • Full consultation process

  • 6 weekly rolling blocks

  • Progressive sessions structure bespoke for you

  • Coach communication (every 6 week)

  • Session Analysis (every 6 weeks)

  • Feedback when required in selected sessions 

  • Training Peaks basic account (self paid personal available)

  • Individually built session which can be uploaded as tcx file on smart platforms (Zwift, Trainer Road etc)

  • Clear session descriptions of workout instructions and session purpose

  • Race selection advice and analysis

  • Nutrition guidance (when requested)

  • Training zones updated

  • Cost = £75 / 6 week (£12.50 per week)