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Racing News Coming out of the winter months is always a good time for the athletes who have been dedicated and consistent ticking their sessions off. It’s a time of year when the foundations have been set and you are at a fitness to be rivaled all year round. At Tri Fit Coaching , we advise the athletes to set some early season goals, these normally involve competing in run events of various of distances. We have had some very positive performances over the past couple of months, and as always, resulting in a proud coach when the results come in. Dan Knight has had a hit and miss winter of training, it’s been a constant battle against one of the worst illnesses (man flu) but with some careful planning we have guided a path and smashed out a few big personal bests Starting out with a 15 minute personal best at Conway Half Marathon, Dan then followed up with a 5k Pb in a planned 5k run test and in the finished off a successful few weeks with a 4th place finish at Smithy Hall 5 mile Trail Race. Karen Smith spent most of 2018 managing a reoccurring injury but finished the season strong and healthy. This has lead to a solid winter of training and Karen likes nothing more than to race. With a continuous stream of Park Run personal bests, Karen targeted a 10k and Half Marathon, with amazing results. First up was a 4 minute Pb at Mad Dig 10k, followed by a 9 minute Pb at Wrexham Half Marathon. Peter Bailey is a fresh young athlete looking to venture into the world of Ultra Running (crazy people). Peter has also got some sprint triathlons planned as well as a 70.3 sandwiched between a 50 mile Ultra running event. Peter started off his year with a 30 mile run event on a looped course. We discussed a pacing and nutrition strategy which lead to Peter approaching the race with new confidence and achieving a massively positive performance in preparation towards the main 50 mile Ultra event later in the year. Sion Kelly has the passion and dedication to take him to the front of any race. Sometimes the dice doesn’t always role in your favor and he has had many of hurdles to overcome to get to where he is today. Sion was in the best shape of his life, producing performances in training which beat his personal best by large margins. Like many athletes over this winter, Sion was struck down with a nasty Viral infection which resulted in a solid 3 weeks missed of training. Due to this, we chose to miss his opening race of a Duathlon but put in place Anglesey Half Marathon. With a few consistent weeks building back to full structured training, Sion smashed out an age group winning performance and a personal best time to reinstate his confidence that he is in a good place to achieve everything he targets in 2019. For anyone forced to miss some training due to injury or illness, Sion is a perfect example of not to panic. Fitness doesn’t just disappear and if the introduction back into training is done right, you will be back up to speed before you know it. Adrian Kraemer joined Tri Fit Coaching towards to back end of 2018, his goal was to be able to race a Half Marathon rather than just get round. Adrian has always been hindered by running niggles which has limited his ability to structure progressive run training together. When training started, we focused on strength and run technique, the sole focus was to consistently run on alternate days, whilst building the volume slowly, we reached a point of being able to progress in sessions with more specificity. 6 months on and Adrian has smashed a personal best at Anglesey Half Marathon and is able to achieve run sessions he would only dream of. Patience and consistency has been the Key to Adrian’s development, we can’t wait to see his triathlon season unfold.

Graham Rands has been focused on building some strength into legs for his 2019 season. A great way of doing this is to race Cross Country.

Graham raced the highly competitive Manchester League and saw steady progress from each race. Kevin Holt This post is to share the performances of athletes who are dedicated in achieving there best and any one who knows Kevin Holt, will know the knock backs and challenges he’s overcome since his bike accident and withdrawal from Ironman Uk 2018. Kev has come back from a length time out with serious injuries, he has a very time demanding job which makes structuring training a daily management. It’s been great to see the dedication over the past months which has lead to some very positive progression leading him on the path to Manchester marathon and Ironman Uk.