Alex Foster

"Alex has a natural ability to make you feel like you are the only one he is coaching"

- Darren Shaw

Alex Foster 
performance coach

For anyone reading my bio, it's highly likely you have the triathlon bug yourselves and want to reach your potential as an athlete.

My journey into the triathlon world started with a surprise entry by my best mate into the Horwich Triathlon 2010, with 6 weeks to train, I look back now and I was as amateur as I could have been, but I loved it.

My history of competitive sport goes back to when I was young, I was good standard at swimming but lacked the competitive mindset that I now have as an adult.

Swimming remained the background as I moved through the teens into the twenties, playing water polo at a national standard. This is a very tough sport and I believe set foundations for the move into triathlon in 2010.

After my first triathlon and a 63rd place finish, I spent 2010 doing fell running races, another super tough sport, and again building a lot of foundations which would later benefit me as a triathlete.

So although I did my first triathlon, it was watching Ironman uk in 2010 that really set my journey up in triathlon. After watching this race, I entered for the following year 2011.

I completed Ironman, got some publicity for being first North West athlete and learnt endless amount of knowledge in the 12 months training for this event.

Post Ironman, my focused switched to targeting Great Britain age group qualification, this happened at my first attempt with a age group win at Grendon Triathlon, from here I went on to finish 4th at the European Championships in Turkey. I have competed in many countries and race distances and my highlight came when winning the British Championships in 2015, within this season I achieved 15 podiums in 16 races.

2016, I lost my Dad, he was my best friend and training partner, the person who understood my journey. This is when a shift in my triathlon journey turned and the dedication demanded for being my ultimate best, which brings lot of sacrifices, switched towards helping others achieve their goals in their triathlon journey.

I first took to coaching as voluntary, I really enjoyed helping plan and advise for friends training towards some big events, I found the enjoyment of what was my own success, I was getting as being part of their achievements. 

Moving on to now, Tri Fit Coaching is my journey, I have established a team of athletes with a great community feel, each athlete coached individually and bespoke to their personal day to day lives.

Coaching for me is about giving my best to help each athlete progress towards achieving their goals, finding balance around college, work, family, making training enjoyable and knowledgable.

I am proud to transition my own high standards as an athlete to now being a professional coach with one aim of helping athletes perform to their highest level in swim, bike and run.

I highlight communication as a key philosophy, with good communication between coach and athlete, this allows for continuous progression, trust, confidence and athlete / coach bonding which is a key ingredient to success. I don't believe you can hold restrictions on the amount of contact the athlete can make, I'm here to help and that is what I do.

If you are an athlete who has a goal to chase, are committed in being dedicated towards training to reach their potential, then please get in touch and we can discuss how Tri Fit Coaching can help you on your journey. 

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Being coached by Alex

Graham Rands

Alex has been my coach for 6 years now and every season I have reach new highs and hit power numbers and run splits that I never thought were possible.

Without doubt one of the best coaches out there, who understands his athletes.

Jack Strode

The adaptability within the tailored training plans provided by Alex at trifit coaching, always allow me to get the most out of myself as an athlete whilst maintaining family and work commitments. The guidance provided doesn’t just cover training session specifics, it covers everything required to be a top triathlete. Without Alex’s coaching I wouldn’t have ever achieved the times and PB I have done, and long May it continue

Darren Shaw

Alex is a friendly, professional and with his approach he has shown me that I can achieve triathlon aspirations despite my age! He is always on hand to offer sound advice and I never feel uncomfortable speaking openly with him. To me, that is the sign of an excellent coach, one who inspires confidence and belief when you need it most. I have welcomed his constructive feedback and he has the natural ability to make you feel like you are the only one he is coaching!  I, wholeheartedly, recommend Alex to anyone looking for a coach – Darren Shaw

Amelia  Hanley

I do have quite a big vision of what I’d like to achieve within triathlon and one of the most important aspects from my perspective of having Alex as a coach, is that he is also 110% invested in my vision and prepared to help me get there. He gives me feedback on my sessions regarding performance alongside teaching me the ins and outs of triathlon as a sport. He’s created a great TriFit team who all support one another and really make you feel an integral part within each others journey.

Having Alex as my coach is a game changer and I’m loving the opportunity to learn and develop as an athlete under his guidance.