graham rands

Alex has been may coach for 6 years now and every season I have reached new highs and hit power numbers and run splits that I never thought were possible. He identifies where my weaknesses are and we  discuss how to approach them together.

No sessions are junk and there's always something to take away from them and develop.  He plans my sessions to suit my work shifts and any last minute changes are resolved without any issues. The instructions and details within the sessions are easy to follow and the workouts are all built using Training peaks and can be automatically uploaded to my Garmin.

Without doubt one of the best coaches out there who understands his athletes.

Amelia Hanley


ISince reaching out to Alex over a year ago, my ability within triathlon has gone from strength to strength. I was pretty much a complete newbie when Alex started coaching me; I’d only done one little duathlon and hadn’t yet done a triathlon race. With a  sporting background of playing and coaching tennis, I understood the importance of having a coach and wanted to give myself every chance of seeing how far I could push myself within triathlon. Fast forward to today and I’ve managed to get myself a good few podium places within all the races that I’ve competed in. 

A friend had recommended Alex so I sought him out. Straight away I was able to connect with Alex through his great communication, his knowledge of all things tri and and how he planned out all my sessions based around my time available, lifestyle and triathlon goals. It’s never been a ‘one programme prescribed to all’ approach with Alex; each session is aimed towards my next race and it’s all periodised which will help get me ready for race day. 

I do have quite a big vision of what I’d like to achieve within triathlon and one of the most important aspects from my perspective of having Alex as a coach, is that he is also 110% invested in my vision and prepared to help me get there. He gives me feedback on my sessions regarding performance alongside teaching me the ins and outs of triathlon as a sport. He’s created a great TriFit team who all support one another and really make you feel an integral part within each others journey. Alex communicates with you regularly regarding all things training - whether that be races that you should enter, how you feel after a session, nutrition or race tactics; his passion for triathlon shines through via his coaching and communication skills. Most importantly he genuinely cares about seeing his athletes do as well as they can come race day. 

Having Alex as my coach is a game changer and I’m loving the opportunity to learn and develop as an athlete under his guidance.


Darren shaw

Alex is a friendly, professional and with his approach he has shown me that I can achieve triathlon aspirations despite my age! He is always on hand to offer sound advice and I never feel uncomfortable speaking openly with him. To me, that is the sign of an excellent coach, one who inspires confidence and belief when you need it most. I have welcomed his constructive feedback and he has the natural ability to make you feel like you are the only one he is coaching!  I, wholeheartedly, recommend Alex to anyone looking for a coach – Darren Shaw


jack strode

The adaptability within the tailored training plans provided by Alex at trifit coaching, always allow me to get the most out of myself as an athlete whilst maintaining family and work commitments. The guidance provided doesn’t just cover training session specifics, it covers everything required to be a top triathlete. Without Alex’s coaching I wouldn’t have ever achieved the times and PB I have done, and long May it continue 

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Adrian Kraemer

Since joining Alex and Tri Fit in 2018 I've seen the real benefit to having bespoke coaching within a supportive team environment. The real value is in Alex's extensive knowledge of training and racing as well as the personalized and flexible manner in which he coaches. Could not recommend highly enough!


Jon shepherds

I joined Tri Fit Coaching In April 2021 because I one day want to race at the World Championships in Kona.

Alex is hands on as a coach - he wants to know your history, finds out what motivates you as a person and athlete and he understands how to get the best out of people with differing demands life throws at us. 

His sessions and feedback are consistent, specific and detailed. Furthermore, whilst Alex provides a good balance of recovery and tougher/progression sessions, I find all to be very enjoyable. Each session has a purpose and Alex articulates the aim and objectives clearly.

In addition, I feel the most important aspect, which is crucial to success in all walks of life is clear and on going communication. There are so many positives to Alex’ coaching but this is the standout for me and it’s what keeps me ticking. He communicates clearly and regularly and demands feedback from me. He’s planned my season with me for this year with clear parameters/power numbers put in place.

A nice bloke, a family man, knows his stuff, vast experience in coaching and racing and cares about his athletes on going success


sheldon skinner

Started with Alex just over 2 years ago, great coach very knowledgeable and helpful with anything I have needed and asked for. Fitness has increased massively from the start all thanks to Tri Fit Coaching