Amelia Hanley


My background is primarily one of tennis, however I was always a really sporty child. I first picked up a tennis racket when I was 5 years old and through great coaching and the social interaction really loved playing the sport. As I progressed I was fortunate enough to be chosen as a player of the National Futures Squad and secured a place playing at a High Performance Tennis Academy throughout my youth. Most of my early teens were spent travelling up and down the country to various tennis centres playing lots of comps, so I’ve always had a competitive side built into me. One of my fave memories was playing at Wimbledon under 14’s where I won the doubles and got to the semi’s of the singles; a really amazing experience. 


Fast forward to where I am today, and I have had the opportunity to live and travel in Australia, work at a prestigious sporting school and to help lots of children discover life skills in sport - all through tennis. Whilst I stopped competing in tennis in my teens, I found a passion for coaching but felt a void for competition which I didn’t fill until 2019 when I found triathlon. 


It was when I was living in Australia that I started tri training (mostly due to needing a focus point on something other than going out drinking all of the time)! I needed something to hone in on, get fit and to meet new people. I come from a cycling family and had swam lots as a child, winning a few local galas, so I decided to test myself with the thought of training up for some local tri’s. I loved the process and structure of the training and soon fell in love with the sport - the different disciplines keeping it interesting, the crazy triathletes with their crazy ambitions and the structure to my daily life. 


Once I returned to the UK, I started to take tri training a little more seriously and invested in a coach - namely Alex Foster. This was the best decision I made in terms of progression. I had a tailored programme, the opportunity to really learn about myself and triathlon and daily accountability. Whilst my races have been a little up and down due to Covid, I’ve set my sights high with competing to as high a standard as possible within middle and long distances. The sky is the limit!! 

The races that I have partaken in so far, I’ve managed to take overall female podium spots - EpicMan Windermere, Outlon Park Duathlon and the local Capernwray Sprint races. However, I’m really looking forward to pushing the boundaries with the longer races come Summer/next year! 


As triathlon has given me so much focus and passion, I decided to transfer my coaching knowledge across sports and undertake my British Triathlon Coaching qualifications so that I can help others achieve their triathlon goals and be as knowledgable as possible within my chosen sport. My coaching philosophy has always been the same, regardless of which sport - I want to help build robust athletes, whilst honing in on life skills through great communication, resilience, interaction and creative thinking. 


I’m excited about the future endeavours through my own racing and coaching alongside Alex at TriFit Coaching. The TriFit coaching is second to none and I love the team camaraderie with all the athletes. Having a coach whilst training for triathlon really is a game changer and I’m really grateful for the opportunity I get to be a part of someone’s triathlon journey.  

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Being coached by Amelia

 Laura Atkinson

Working shifts and having a limited knowledge of how to train correctly I needed a professional coach with how to manage my time effectively. Having quality communication with Amelia we have been able to design a specific program to my fitness capabilities and events planned. Fatigue and personal life are taken into consideration and pushing the boundaries are at the forefront of my training, underpinned with nutritional advice.

Kate Birch

Amelia has coached both myself and my daughter for the past 2 years. We both love having Amelia as a coach. She challenges us, works towards our goals and is extremely knowledgable. She has great communication skills

Craig Wotherspoon

Amelia has a great mannerism with everyone and she really wants to bring the best out in her athletes