Always Aim High Adventure Series 2017

🏆 2 podiums / 1 Day 🏆

• Adventure Series 2nd place • The series is decided with the accumulated times of 3 races. 🏁RACE 1 - Slateman Triathlon After race one and a puncture I was a long way from the top spots. 🏁RACE 2 - Snowman Triathlon I manage 3rd place overall and gained 2 minutes back on who would be the series leader going into the final race. 🏁RACE 3 - Sandman Triathlon The goal was to win the series, this would be a tough ask with a 4 minute deficit to make up, I attacked the race and came off the bike 5 minutes up on the series leader, this was not enough and the fast running Peter Hogben gained back time over the run leaving me on the 2nd podium step. REFLECTION Although I strive to win, it's important to reflect on how I got to the finish line of each series race, the series started in the worst way and it would have been easy to give up the chase, instead I kept motivated and believed it was possible, anything could have happened in the final race and every second could have counted, racing to the line is what should always be done and that's what I did.