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Castelli Cervelo Aero Race Jersey Review

The Castelli Cervelo Aero Jersey is an aerodynamic, streamlined technical jersey. As I zip it up, I can see that it’s made for performance; a snug fit, but surprisingly comfortable. With the jersey on and adjusted, I start to get down to my turbo session. (I didn’t fancy risking a short sleeved top in the current weather conditions.) Fit. The way Castelli designed this jersey, was so that it acts like a ‘second skin’, it sounds a bit cheesy, but I can already feel the benefits of the aero technology early on into my training ride.A summer’s day would’ve been perfect to test this out, or even a spring morning, but here I am, inside on my turbo, sweating it out. Style. It’s got all the standard features you’d expect from a cycling jersey, rear pockets, front zip, a close fit and streamlined, performance orientated construction. One thing I do like about Cervelo’s gear, is that it’s always colour-coded; they rarely step out of the red, black and white colour-ways. This means that almost any season, any style of Castelli gear can be worn with any others. This should save the cycling fashionista any pre-ride problems! What I’ll be using it for… As far as training goes, I’m looking forward to wearing this throughout the warmer months as I gradually transition from my winter gear to my tri-suit. As for now, I’ll be keeping well indoors with this one. I got this jersey from Pro Bike Kit, although you might want to choose something a little warmerfor this time of the year; they do stock a full range of Castellicycling gear.