MyProtein product reviews

My Protein Ener:gel Review Last week I tested and reviewed the Castelli Cervelo Race Jersey I got from ProBikekit. After getting my hands on a couple of jerseys from them, including a Craft one, I decided to try out some nutrition. Nutrition and supplements is something I’m focussing on in 2014, I’ve been trying out BCAAs, glutamine and other supplements from MyProtein, to see what sort of an edge I can get in the new season. With big races coming up and times to improve on, I’m willing to try new things to improve my race tactics. I have invested in a few different amino acid products, but as they are a long term nutritional strategy, I decided to give it time before I give a full account of the effects. ENER:GEL energy gels. I can however, review some new energy gels that I picked up from MyProtein: the Ener:gel. I got mine in an orange zest flavour and used it on a long morning ride. As with all energy gels, you rip open the packet and ‘drink’ it down. There’s not much I can say about the packaging other than it does look quite smooth and clean. The taste is on the good end for energy gels and the nutritional values are what you expect. energel

On the ride. I used two of these on my ride and found that I wasn’t lacking in energy. I felt energised and wasn’t craving any sugary or starchy foods. The gels kept me going on until my post ride recovery session, which was built up of my shake, BCAA and glutamine combination. All in all I can say that the endurance range from MyProtein is good stuff, it’s good to see the brand expanding into cycling and other areas, I’m just beginning to get into the range but can see myself using them a lot in the future. energel1

Whey Protein Plus: I have used many different brands of protein to aid recovery, some being expensive and some being at the cheaper end, I have found that the cheaper proteins tend to contain more sweeteners and the quality of protein used isn’t great. I have been using My Protein whey protein plus for 2 weeks now and can say it is my favourite protein shake i have used, I have been using the choc smooth flavour and before now I have always disliked any chocolate flavoured drinks. The whey protein plus mixes great and reflects its name with a nice smooth consistency. The plus side about this protein drink is that it contains 14 vital vitamins and minerals which are essential for endurance athletes, this means you are getting much more out of each shake which will aid recovery more than just a standard whey protein. Whey Protein Plus is an advanced 80% whey protein concentrate containing a unique vitamin, mineral and digestive enzyme blend. Containing over 20g of protein per serving and providing a minimum 40% RDA of 14 vital performance vitamins and minerals, Whey Protein Plus is the perfect way to increase your uptake of this essential nutrient which is often over looked by endurance athletes. Tri Carb Energy Drink: I have been using the summer fruits flavour of this energy drink and can confirm that it tastes great, one thing I have noticed about this powdered drink is that you don’t need a big scoop to make up a 500ml bottle so in the long run the packet should last you longer than other brands. With its great flavour I find it makes me want to drink it because it’s a nice taste rather than because it’s a energy drink, this has got to be good due to most athletes not consuming enough fluids during exercise. Being a triathlete i do many back to back training sessions which a bottle of water wouldn’t be sufficient enough to keep me fuelled throughout and to the end, by taking the Tri Carb drink I can perform the sessions to the quality needed to advance as a athlete. I have not yet used the Tri Carb for racing but there is no reason the drink wouldn’t produce the same standards as what I get in training. One thing I have noticed about mixing the powder is that it needs a real good shaking but once mixed it stays mixed with no excess powder settling at the bottom, it creates a cloudy mixture and a nice sweat taste. Tri Carb is a high quality carbohydrate energy drink designed to fuel your exercise from beginning to end. This pioneering formula has been created to ensure maximal carbohydrate absorption through its unique blend of 3 different carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are essential to fuel almost every type of activity and will help keep muscle-glycogen concentrations high. When concentrations are low performance can be compromised and mental focus may reduce. Tri Carb will ensure optimal amounts of carbohydrates are absorbed into the body to fuel exercise and help you work harder for longer. Shaker Bottle: shaker/10665783.html Some people mite think there’s no difference between shaker bottles, I beg to differ as I have experienced lids popping off and not only wasting a shake but leaving me wet and sticky. This shaker is solid and has a easy screw on lid so no worrying if your going to have a mishap and small soaking of sticky protein. I have used this shaker many of times and many washes, the clear view hasn’t faded and there is no nasty smell which I have experienced with other shakers. The Myprotein Endurance MixMaster Shaker is the latest addition to our range of shaker cups. From the world famous Buchsteiner in Germany and with the Myprotein Endurance range logo, the MixMaster is the perfect partner to our new NTS endurance product range. Ener:Gel- energy gel: I have reviewed these energy gels once before but thought I’d put another small description to reiterate what I think of them. They are quite a large gel which offers a good dosage of carbohydrate in the form of fast release for a instant fuel source. I haven’t had any stomach problems with these gels and don’t feel I need to consume a drink to help it down, the flavour is quite rich but not over powering. One gel along with some Tri Carb drink should be sufficient to fuel you through a standard distance triathlon. ENER:GEL is a unique isotonic energy gel containing both Electrolytes and B VitaminsEach 60ml sachet of ENER:GEL contains over 21g of isotonic carbohydrates. The unique formula has been scientifically designed to help promote endurance levels during prolonged exercise through its combination of carbohydrates and electrolyte