2015 Season Review

Live to Train – Train to Race – Race to Win…….. First thing to say is thanks to the people who have taken an interest in following my progress throughout the 2015 season, there has been lots of highs and very little lows which equates to a successful and very enjoyable season of racing. I owe a massive thanks to friends and family who have given an endless amount of support from start to finish, without these people, competing just wouldn’t be the same. Thanks to ChampionSystem/VCUK RT and all sponsors for the support in helping me achieve the best out of myself, it’s been a pleasure competing for the team and being part of something special. Thanks to Carter Rigging and Mark Lomax Chartered Accountants for their continued support. Season overview

British Champion 30-35yr National silver 7 Wins 15 out of 16 race podiums 4 course records GB Qualification for European Standard Dist Championships 2016 GB Qualification for World Standard Dist Championships 2016 GB Qualification for European Middle Dist Championships 2016 2015 and how it unraveled At the end of 2014 I was lucky enough to be named as a member of ChampionSystem/VCUK Race Team, I entered the 2015 season with a new array of bright yellow Fluro kit which meant going into the season with a little more added pressure of not only wanting to achieve things for myself but also for the team and sponsors. I got off to a flyer and notched up some solid wins in what I classed as pre season races at Lancaster Duathlon and Ulverston Triathlon, both resulting in course records. My main focus for the season was to win an elusive medal competing for Great Britain, having missed out by a matter of seconds in previous years I knew if I could turn up on race day in good shape then I could achieve my goal of a podium position. Having been in the best shape of my life and having a very successful start to my season, for some reason the European Championships race wasn’t to be and I didn’t have good enough legs on the day. Having already hit some good highs before my big disappointment in Geneva it was important I didn’t let this affect the following races and goals for the season, I bounced back in the best way possible and was crowned British Champion in my 30-34yr age group. From this point of the season I still had some big races remaining, the confidence I gained from achieving something above my set goal was massive and made me feel content for the season which seemed to bring even more success through to the end of the season. Below are the goals I had set myself for the season, to achieve each one of these targets would demand the best of performance and even then i was aware it would need something special, I’m overly happy with what I have accomplished in my 4th year of racing triathlon, here is a link to my results for the season http://www.alexfostertriathlete.co.uk/results-2015/ Season goals

International Medal for Great Britain AgeGroup 30-34yr European Championships – Unsuccessful Result – 7th overall, 3rd Brit {Full Race Report Here} Review – race was going to plan, lead out of the water, on the bike I lost a bit of time on the climb but was in a clear battle in a podium position with fellow Brit James Travers and the eventual winner from France, off the bike, onto the run and my performance fell apart and had a long struggle in the heat on the twisty undulating run. Reason – hard to say why I had my worst performance to date, I was on top form, confident that I was in shape to podium, power was good on the bike but couldn’t get my cadence up which could have contributed to a sluggish run. Could have been overly rested. Most likely reason for a bad performance was peaking to early and taking on to many big races pervious to the main season goal of European Championships, inexperience and being self coached played a part but mistakes are there to be learned from and better ourselves for future performances. National podium Deva Triathlon, English standard Dist Championships – Achieved Result – Silver Medal {Full Race Report Here} British Championship podium

Liverpool Triathlon, British Standard Dist Championships – Achieved Result – GOLD MEDAL, BRITSH CHAMPION 30-44yr {Full Race Report Here} Review – this race was two weeks after my disappointment at the Europeans, instead of battering myself in training I used my experience from previous years of being tired after racing abroad and I had an easy week of training followed by a couple of key sessions to take me into the British Championships. Conscious of my legs falling apart in my previous race I also was aware that I wouldn’t achieve a podium position without being fully committed from the gun, first aim in the race was to hold off the European silver medalist and National Champion on the bike, he had previously caught me twice so knew the challenge ahead, I biked full on and held strong at the front throughout the run. Middle Distance podium

Outlaw Half Triathlon, (first ever Half IM) – Achieved Result – 3rd overall, 1st Age Group {Full Race Report Here} Review – this race was very much the unknown with it being my first time competing at the middle distance, I had confidence in my engine and believe I could have won the overall if I wasn’t disadvantaged by being in a later wave and being out of the head to head battle at the front of the race. Could have biked faster but maybe that would have affected my run, had a faster run than I had planned, massive event, great result. Win the Always Aim High Series Slateman / Sandman / Snowman Triathlons – unsuccessful Result – 2nd

{Slateman Report Here}. {Sandman Report Here}. {Snowman Report Here} Review – this was as big a challenge as any of my season goals, the series prize is a paid trip to a Carribean Island called Nevis and entry into the Nevis Triathlon. The Always Aim High events are televised and with that and the awesome prize this attracts some top level athletes, non greater than the winner Ewan Brown. Although this goes down as unsuccessful, I am very happy to come away with 2nd place which brought some great performance out of me which will make me stronger for next season. Sponsors Thanks to my team ChampionSystem/VCUK and all the sponsors for providing the kit to help gain results throughout the season:

  • VeloClubuk

  • VeloChampion.co.uk

  • ChampionSystem Clothing

  • Base Bikes

  • Club Roost Wheels

  • SorryMate.com

  • Lake Shoes

  • Limar Helmets

  • Kenda Tyres

  • KMC Chains

  • Jagwire Cables

  • YourSportsFuel.com

  • Carter Rigging

  • Mark Lomax Chartered Accountants.